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An intimate podcast with Ashlynn & some of her favorite people she invites to share stories of resilience & lessons on the skills that got them there. #bethebuffalo

The Once Betrayed, The Once Addicted & The Expert: LISTEN HERE

Let us hold your hand as you put the pieces back together after addiction or betrayal. I know we aren’t alone because our Podcast has over 2 million downloads and 5 star reviews. No two stories are exactly alike, some partners separate while others stay together. But no matter the result healing and recovery from Infidelity is possible! I teamed up with a specialized therapist & my former partner to give you 3 different perspectives with over 200+ episodes.

What others say about Ashlynn's and Brannon’s methods for healing from betrayal

"Your videos have helped me so much and I've never found such useful content elsewhere; I've found your resources to be far more helpful than one-to-one counseling in Hong Kong. Thank You So Much for all the Effort"

- Amartavarshini N.

"Being involved in one of Ashlynn's groups has been the most healing part of my journey.
I'm so thankful that I decided to take that first step and reach out to Ashlynn! I am a much stronger woman today because of it! Thank you so much!"

- Cindy

"I feel so validated and understood! Thank you, thank you! I feel like I got real answers and skills of how to communicate with my partner and how to avoid drama pitfalls and unproductive fights. I feel inspired..."

-Melyssa C.

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